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FAX400 solution

FAX400 solution:

  • is a fully automated software sending either fax, email or SMS through a company's network and/or to partners from the process lodged on the IBM iSystems
  • ensures a thorough supervision of all transmission process,
    in particular with the control of Delivery Status Notifications and the applicative return codes. As incidents are detected immediatly, the user can react and launch the required corrective actions.
  • automatically lauches an applicative treatment process to have the different status.

Advantages of FAX400 :

  • As FAX400 is native iSeries and AS/400, it is fully integrated into the security system
  • a large powerful reserve
    more than 1000 fax per hour (tested on a portable AS/400S P03 - messages included 3000 useful caracters with an 14.4 Kbps cable, the limit was defined by the line speed)
  • automatic installation, quick and easy implementation
  • you can choose the Telecom operator
    Atlas, Cable & Wireless, Calvacom, Graphnet, Xpedite and others are being studied...
  • an economic solution
    sending costs are reduced, no specific material or hardware, no additionnal software
  • possible to use either the "classical" 5250 screen or a new web interface which is more convivial

FAX400 is an evolutive solution

FAX400 is an open solution which can be completed with other modules to communicate with different partners, banks.... either in EDI or by file transfers...







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