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FAX400 - the fax solution on IBM iSystems iSeries & AS/400

FAX400 has been developped in order to propose to the users an easy use software for the automation of transfers by fax, email, SMS from applications lodged in the IBM iSystems iSeries & AS/400. With FAX400, send and directly receive all your trade documents (purchase order, delivery orders, invoices…) while profiting from a complete automation and a follow-up.

The technology used, its powerful features, its evolutive architecture towards other communication solutions enable FAX400 to become a leader product in the IBM iSystems iSeries & AS/400

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sending graphic fax available

Fully automated software, FAX400 ensures a thorough supervision of all transmission process - files will never be lost : it provides follow-up activities, searchs for possible errors and incidents, and especially explains the causes of adverse incidents and help to solve them.
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Many major companies all around Europe from different economic sectors are our customers and trust in FAX400 solution.
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FAX400 version 510 is now available in release 30. You can download it from the TBT400 Software site.






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